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Accent Reduction - In Person & Online

Accent Reduction Training Association a learning academia training students in the ARTA Method of accent reduction, offering both in-person and online tutoring services for the past decade. 

ARTA's Foreign Accent Reduction course is for...
companies and working professionals, pastors, doctors, executives, engineers, teachers, counselors, performers and others who wish to prepare and develop their communication skills for a more successful career outcome.

Whether you choose to study with ARTA in person or online, our trainers communicate through visually engaging and highly personalized teaching sessions, allowing students to discover their accent potential as they gradually move from their current level through Advanced.


  • A clear understanding of ARTA's main speech concepts and skills for improving your accent
  • Greater assimilation of American culture and social etiquette
  • Improved understanding of pronunciation & solutions involved in establishing fluent English
  • Practical strategies for speaking more effectively with American counterparts.

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